If we learn from our mistakes, why are we always so afraid to make a mistake?

Another one of my ‘answering question’ series. (That sounds so cool!)

So here is my answer:

Before we do something, we don’t actually know if we are going to learn from our mistakes or if we are going to even make a mistake for that matter. What we are most afraid off is really the consequences of making a mistake.

When someone does something careless, such as, when someone breaks a glass jug, then the only thing you can learn is to be extra careful. But that still doesn’t stop us from being scared and cautious when we transport the jug from point A to point B.

If we live with our parents, we are afraid of their reaction; our parents are probably going to kill us for wasting money and making a mess. And we learn to understand their side of the argument. If we are living alone, then the extra costs for the breakage of 15 glass jugs makes us scared because we have no idea of how to pay the electricity bill and we learn to be more careful with our belongings to save cash.

Below is my feeble attempt to try to explain this theory of mine:

Click to enlarge

In short, I think, we are scared because we don’t know the consequence and/or the matter is very important and/or you lose something that you don’t want to lose. Isn’t that generally what fear is?

In deep emotional matters, the mistake can be a huge trigger. Relationships can break because of a small mistake because that’s generally how delicate most bonds are. (Strange thing love… usually a rather strong bond but so easily broken.) And I guess, because the consequence is so much bigger than the problem, people get scared of making a mistake.

In summary, we learn something because of an action that has happened. And also, being scared is an emotion that happens during an action. (Being bored during science). Learning something is a consequence of an action. (Learning about matter in science even though we were bored at school.)The two things are somewhat unrelated unless learning follows the action. This is why, most of the time, some people are scared of making a mistake even though they will learn things from it.

Do you have any interesting theories for this question?

Yea, it’s gonna’ be in bold because it’s important. And plus, I like the bold effect. 

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