pride representing the changing world <3

Gay pride – possibly one of my favourite events of the year. Although it is predominantly about acceptance of peoples sexual orientation, there are a lot of messages about equality in general and the importance of acceptance. In this transition period, a time which is revolutionising the modern world, we need to keep updating each other about acceptance just so that in the future, a person’s “difference” will not be a big deal and won’t even need to be talked about.

I hope that in the future we can refer to a person’s skin colour and their sexual orientation or their life choices without negative connotation. A world where simply describing someone isn’t taken as politically incorrect or racist or homophobic. A time where we aren’t offended by our description either… So go ahead, call me brown because I’m very aware that’s the colour of my skin and I know that’s what you meant anyway. And sure, I’m studying engineering and that’s surprising because it is hard and not because I’m a girl. And you may equally well say you are bisexual and I may say, cool beans, not because I think that’s wrong but because your sexual orientation isn’t really that big a deal.

So anyway, here’s some beautiful messages from the pride! Hope to see you all there next year ^^



(I love this picture because it is nice to see a positive image of Muslims and not just the stereotyping people talk about)


(Like the picture above, if you look very closely, this is representative of India and Pakistan coming together marching for gay rights! Right now, there is so much political conflict in this matter…and yet… Here we are…marching together. It’s amazing!)



(And finally, just thought I’d show you guys all my stickers…)

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Museums… And why I love them

The ‘night at the museum series is a family favourite and, I must admit, has a special place in my heart. There are many films produced over these years that are entertaining and funny, but only a few which bring with them heart warming adventures. I like to think that there is a little explorer in all of us, but that might also be because I recently saw UP. (Full fledged tears…not even kidding.)


I feel museums are one of the ways in which my little fairy tale dream goes 3D. I’ve always been fascinated by the way they tell a story. When you enter a museum, your heart jumps a beat. I saw this for myself yesterday. My boyfriend and I visited the science museum yesterday, a place I’m far too familiar with and one which he had never stepped foot in until now. (How can you not?! Its the science museum!) The minute he saw the engines of the world war, the stacks of old cars and models of first trains, his eyes lit up and the child within him awoke. He started naming out all the engines on show (which I admit, I had no clue about…it’s OK, #stillgonnabeanengineer ).


For me, it isn’t so much the artifacts on show but what they tell me about the life that was lived in the days. How did people survive? What was the technology like? What clothes did they wear? Sometimes, I would find myself imagining their lives on a daily basis…

I was gripped yesterday by the V&A, Victoria and Albert Museum, because the interior design is terrific. Every corner takes you somewhere different. Old scriptures on torn parchment, carved antique ornaments, structures dated hundreds of years old. The work presented had such detail, and the creativity in the air brought with it whispers of inspiration. Artists perched observantly on the floor to recreate sculptures in their own interpretation. That’s the great thing about cultural heritage sites and museums, you could experience something completely different at a fraction of the cost.


Faith as ancient as the sculptures it appeared on oozed into the atmosphere as many sculptures represented religious ideas in some way or another. It was interesting to see how different religions had influenced culture and art in different, unique ways… Geometrical patterns of Islam, Christian symbolism as the cross, colourful depictions of Indian deities… It was different and yet the devotion with which each was drawn was the same. It is so strange to think that despite this, religion began the cruelest of wars. I don’t think that God expects us to kill in his name, in fact I think that conflict starts because we don’t like people questioning what we have believed our whole life

Modern life, as is experienced by us, is soon going to end, demolished, till only artifacts of us remain in museums. The present, a time so seemingly consistent yet never truly existing, is such a liquid concept. It’s strange to think how years from now, we will all just be ancient history, forgotten until interpreted by little children in their own way.

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Character profile: forever running late

I suffer from perpetual disorganization and lateness, a self-diagnosed medical condition that eventually results in a huge pile of “sorry, I’m late… ” excuses. I don’t do easy, straightforward or convenient. If its comfortable to give yourself an hour to get ready in the morning, I will aim for two, and still leave the house late. I dream of the days I had a control on my life. Somehow, they never arrive. Either I wake up too late, or I shower for too long, or I can’t decide what to wear in the morning. Despite waking up on time, something or the other leads to me rushing out of the house with a toothbrush. Like yesterday morning, I dismissed 4 alarms and had to run to college.

Perhaps, I like the thrill (I don’t) but my lateness sure as hell means that nothing in my house is ever tidy. The heavily packed cupboard strains to keep closed as the “not in the mood for” pile stacks. The desk has anything but books, and the bed is always not done. I’ve accepted myself. This is who I am and its not going to change. I guess that’s going to be a sincere requirement for my future partner. Do you, Mr X, promise to accept me despite my extreme lateness and pitiful homely condition?

Imagine what I must go through living with my roommate, an epitome of perfection. She’s organised, stable and consistent. She’s out of bed by 6 and studying by 6.30… She’s brilliant. Often times, I am still in my pjs regretting the morning chill when I find her return after a run. And her side of the room? Tidy, neat, organised – and the bed is always done! How the hell do people get the time? I don’t understand. Somehow she manages to be social, productive and healthy. This year I’ve barely had time to make sandwiches for lunch, but not my roommate, oh god no, she cooks, she bakes and she’s on route to get a first! As you can see, I am jealous of these talents. I can barely make it out of the house on time.

Being the disorganized mess I am…existing is a challenge. I don’t know how people do it sometimes. When asked about future careers, I’m less worried about getting a job and more about managing to keep it! Do people really have to get to work at 8. I had a part-time job at a supermarket 5 mins from my house last January and I’m not even kidding, I still couldn’t make it there on time. The thought of a “real career” terrifies me. Calendars are just as useless as Neville’s remembral – how the hell is anyone supposed to remember something they forgot to remind themselves about? This is a serious problem.


But I guess, like all things, I’ll work a way out. Even if it means that the only consistency in my life is my lateness.

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Coming Alive

Coming Alive


Lovely article with some great insight here… I think I agree with ‘The Satori Times’… I agree that life is now just a mindless race with rules set out by our societal laws. Every single person is trying to survive, only this time, survival is dependent on money rather than our primary needs for survival. Humans have changed the path of their own existence and allowed each other to live a life more complex than any other living organism, and this off course, needs control. And whilst on the one hand we are advancing towards a future where our needs are inevitably and selfishly met, we still haven’t completely mastered it because people live unjustly around the world. But the thing is, humans are the douche-bags of the planet, our thirst for survival, our advanced brains and our selfish motives are going to eventually lead to mass-destruction. Go us! So to be a little more positive, it’s important to encourage creativity in our children – so they design a sustainable habitable conditions…

Originally posted on The Satori Times:

It’s quite a strange thing how the entire work culture of our society has been set up. I find it extraordinarily baffling to see how people consider waking up at morning, gulping a few cups of coffee, having some toast for breakfast and racing away mindlessly to a job, an entirely normal habit to foster.

I’m a hypocrite, I’ve been doing the same thing for almost a year now.

Our society is attuned to the concept of productivity, too much in tune with it. There are thousands of books out there that talk about this thing called ‘productivity.’ There are folks who believe things like time management, balanced recreation, and a sharp mind are important to develop and maintain. A load of bull cock.

I’ve never believed that men were born for a reason. I’ve never believed that there is a higher purpose to our existence and the rest of…

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Morning thoughts… On feminism!

In my opinion, feminism is important in society to establish equality amongst people but true equality is when we start treating people for their worth, regardless of the perceptions of their gender. If someone is paid less because they simply arent good …it shouldnt matter that they are male or female. Feminism was never about “equal everything”… Its always been about equal perception.

In a society that is equal… Two people would only be distinguished by two factors. Their biological sex and their ability to perform on a certain task. Feminism should therefore be encouraged in society as a mindset from a young age … 

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Would you change the past?

Being without ID for the entire of first year is worst thing you can imagine, especially for a student. I’m talking no alcohol, no parties, no clubbing. I mean, can you believe that I study at a London university and I still haven’t been clubbing in London? Kokos, Ministry of Sound, and Roxy are just names to me. “I’m an idiot and didn’t get provisional at the right time and my passport is unavailable for Visa reasons” – if anyone is wondering. But people tend not to believe you after a while so I usually tell everyone I’d rather have a quiet night in with my boyfriend. When, in reality, I’m in my room watching Harry Potter for the millionth time. Or studying, I’m usually always studying.

Now, truth be told, I am a little bitter. I would have liked to enjoyed my first year because it only gets worse from here. In fact, I was informed today that a second year student had to be admitted to the hospital because of stress. I’m bricking it for next year. Tougher content + heavy coursework = no social life. And that’s what I’ve got myself into.

I was thinking about this earlier – would I change the past? Would I like to re-live this year with ID so I could enjoy student life more? Truth is, I don’t think so. I didn’t have ID this year – but I lived approximately 45 minutes from home and could, at any point, grab my passport if I wanted to. Then why didn’t I do so? What stopped me? I’m only physically unable to access my passport now, at a very inconvenient time, but not the entire year. Even if I had ID all year, I’d probably still feel left out right now.

It isn’t the circumstance but the person. I’m the sort of person that overly stresses out about every situation. It’s partly genetics because my mum is exactly like me, if not worse. I’ve always felt that I’ve been obsessed with studying – to the point that I’m always worried about how good I am, and how much more work I have to do. I’m constantly stressed about everything for no reason. There’s an assignment due? Stress out! There’s an exam in 7 weeks? Stress out! It’s an automatic reaction. Maybe it’s because I’m a perfectionist and maybe it’s also because I’m self-destructive about my abilities. But something has always prevented me from going out, enjoying myself, getting involved in societies, etc.

The other problem here is that I am very strong-willed. You can try to change me for weeks and I will still be myself. I have never given in to peer pressure because at every moment, I have felt like my believes are stronger than their persuasion. This is the main reason why I didn’t go out – because I felt like work was more important to me and I was worried that I had too much to do. Being anti peer-pressure and stressful at the same time is a lethal combination.

And yet, I am convinced I haven’t done well this year. This is why I’m feeling down. Despite hard work and anti-socialising, I’ve still managed to fail? (I don’t know that yet, but it’s possible.) So was the worrying worth it? In that respect, definitely not. There have been many occasions where I have just needed to chill down a little. So long-story short, I wouldn’t actually have known about my obsessive stress habits if I hadn’t done exactly what I did this year. In a way, I’ve learned a lesson. A cruel lesson but a lesson nonetheless. And it has just reiterated that one shouldn’t long for a past/future they think would be better but rather learn from their current situation and make the most of the time they’ve got.

That said, I’m just about to go chill with some people and chill the fuck out. Hopefully, I’ll be a lot more level-headed, confident and excited for the future.

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Lost in 5 minutes

In an optimistic attempt to do something worthwhile with the time I have now that exams are over, I thought it would be a good plan to start getting fitter. I don’t have to lose weight or “bulk up”… I just need my cardiovascular system to last longer than 2 minutes on the treadmill. Partly because of studying constantly over the past term and partly because I’m just plain lazy… I’ve gone from physical activity enthusiast to Netflix marathon lover and that needs to change. *Cue inspirational music*

Despite the gloomy atmosphere in London this morning, I pulled my tracksuit up and got my trainers on. I was determined. I have 4 months of nothing and by the end of it, I’m going to start running marathons. At least, that’s what I thought until I got lost 5 minutes into the run. And a further 10 minutes into it, the run slowly deteriorated to a slow jog  after which I just gave up and thought I’d walk it out… Great start Aakeen.

Whilst this 45 minutes of failed-running says something about my will power, the fact that I was lost so soon felt slightly metaphorical. Truth is, after my exams I have been feeling lost! I have lost all sense of purpose and I feel as if I’m already whiling away the time. I found myself staring at walls, as if that was going to help me. It was difficult to feel happy – why should I be happy? What is happiness? What am I doing with my life? And I was soon facing a terrible existential crisis.  It got to the stage where I openly volunteered to study for my sisters exams. When you’ve been studying for 3 months non-stop, it’s all you know. It’s everything you know.

What happened, was no surprise to me at all. Freedom is in itself suffocating. It always has been. Whether you are a workaholic like me or not, it would be frustrating to have weeks of nothing. After speaking to people are jobless, sitting around at home doing nothing can soon start to weigh heavily down on you.

It’s important to ‘find’ a sense of purpose as soon as possible. This year, I could have taken up an apprenticeship however I wanted to enjoy some time with my friends before the adult life really began. And that’s something you can’t escape from. Time goes on, and the system sucks you in. So I’ve decided I’m going to be as productive as I can be… even if I’m supposed to be chilling out. I want to go see places, do creative things, blog again, meet friends but I will also aim to find a job and some volunteering opportunities. In fact, with holidays booked and creative plans on the way… things are already starting to look optimistic for my poor, lost, work-less soul.

All in all, this is going to be a good summer!

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