Latent Limitations

After being dormant for many weeks (Sorry, as always, I know you missed me.)), I’ve chosen to blog today to spread a message. Earlier today I saw a very interesting video that addressed an important issue in society; the role and freedom of men and women. If you have a spare few minutes, click here for the video. 

Across the world women are fighting for equality. Women in India have started “the Gulabi Gang” to fight for domestic respect only just joining the many feminist societies across the world. As you most probably know, this has been going on for many years and since then, I think we’ve come quite far. Although, to be perfectly honest with you, a pay raise and right to vote, isn’t what we are fighting for. I find it a little bit patronising that men, companies and societies around the world think that they can simply pass a law in the hope that it shuts us up. That said, it feels amazing to have convinced men to get off their high horse. Imagine not being able to work, vote, or even have an education! 

The traditional “housewife” role of women has now changed and it’s vital that men change their opinions about it because it is only going to cause conflict. The main thing that is limiting women from achieving what we are actually after is respect.

I may be wrong in thinking this, but do you feel sometimes that men are brought up with very violent role models whereas women are brought up with flowers and butterflies – and would an equal upbringing result in more mutual respect? And not only that, does it not slightly worry you to hear that a lot of men think of women as this inferior add-on in this largely male-dominated society that can just be toyed around with when they want to. Notice how I’m not talking about the societal role of women here, I’m talking personal attitude towards women.

I wouldn’t call myself a feminist. The word feminist has these horrible associations with it that irritate me. I really don’t like how some women use feminist as a way of getting superiority due to their gender. That’s exactly the sort of stuff that reinforces the sexism here. I completely agree that, on average, men are stronger than women and are, on average, able to partake in more physically demanding jobs. Men and women are programmed differently… that’s a scientifically proven fact. I think it’s important to accept that rather than see it as a sign of inferiority or superiority.

To sum up, I think a lot of women are now realising that they don’t have to make comprises and shorten their dreams because of the male dominance (however, that doesn’t mean that a lot of women still have a very restricted mindset about that). That is good. We shouldn’t let our traditional societal roles dictate what we must do with our lives. This should be something both men and women realise. However, the big outbreak here is going to be when men start giving women mutual respect with the way they treat the women, perhaps start by not using the word bitch to address a women.

And I know the first thing you are thinking is “oh but this only happens in LEDCs and other non-developed areas of the world, we don’t have to worry here. I give women have a lot of respect.” … Just stop and think about that for a second. It’s obvious that the fight for women rights in LEDCs like India is more evident but again, this is beyond what you see and how you look at the world. This is about personal attitude. I’m not blaming men or women here. I’m simply asking you to consider.

Besides, think openly about the prospect of a society where women and men live like equals… It would be very different to what we have right now. Less rape, fewer cases of domestic abuse, less crime, less douchebaggery… Remind me why we are on the slow train again? 

2 thoughts on “Latent Limitations”

  1. Hey! Awesome post!

    Bit confused as to why you don’t call yourself a feminist though. After all, feminism just means believing in the political, social and economic equality of men and women. If women use it to gain superiority then they’re misunderstanding the definition of feminism and aren’t feminists. I also think its a sign of a sexist society that ‘feminism’ has horrible associations.

    But anyway, cool!

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